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    Kansas City Scavenger

    By now, many of you are well versed in the secret side of Kansas City, all that is
    weird, wonderful, and obscure: the murderous museum doll, the castle just for prisoners, ill-conceived
    Egyptian décor, etc. But you long for more, don’t you? Once you’ve gained a fresh
    perspective on familiar locales, you’re also likely to develop a knack for spotting details—
    which is exactly what scavenging is all about.
    For instance, just where in Shawnee is a time capsule buried? Can you find the toilet paper
    holder on the exterior of a Harrisonville building? Have you stepped on the marker for the
    world’s shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade in Blue Springs a hundred times but never stopped to
    read it? Kansas City Scavenger will have you looking way up high, way down low, and around
    every corner as you puzzle through each rhyme to find the features along the hunt.
    Local authors and sisters Anne and Leslie Kniggendorf lead you through their hometown
    while helping you catch some truly odd details along the way. Is every part of town
    included? Absolutely not! But what’s for sure is that with this book in hand and some
    sensible shoes on your feet, you’ll get to explore areas you’ve probably only passed through.
    And we want to see you hard at work! #kansascityscavenger to show us your adventure.


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    Kansas City Scavenger

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  • Secret Kansas City: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

    Secret Kansas City is your guide to safe, close-to-home fun during the pandemic and beyond. Read about and then go out and find 83 spots around the Kansas City metro–it’s highly likely that many will be a surprise to you.


    Secret Kansas City:

    Most visitors know all about Kansas City’s barbecue, jazz, and football success, but there are hidden gems and wild pieces of trivia around every turn in Missouri’s largest city. Is the giant Hereford bull anatomically correct? Can a seedthat’s been to outer space still grow into a normal tree? And who really killed President William Henry Harrison?

    You’ll find answers to the questions you didn’t know you had in Secret Kansas City: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure. Learn why three completely unrelated groups have chosen Kansas City as the center of the world and the place you want to be when the world ends. Between these covers, you’ll also find castles, a horse buried in a cul-de-sac, a ghost who likes a good laugh, and the world’s longest snake. This is not a tour guide for outsiders, it’s a scavenger hunt—insiders only, please.

    Longtime Kansas Citian Anne Kniggendorf is at your service to bolster your love and boost your respect for this middle-of-the-map city. With her eye for the odd leading the way, you’ll have a great time discovering Kansas City.


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    Secret Kansas City: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

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