Everyone has a story to tell, but few people are newsworthy enough to warrant a published profile. Similarly, most events serve some higher purpose, are a lot of fun, or simply deserve some extra attention — but again, not necessarily in a major publication.

Every week I receive press releases from authors, artists, and small business owners asking me to cover an event or hoping that I’ll find them fascinating enough to profile. I hate turning people down, but a lot of the time I must.

Why? Well, most likely you’re not a poet laureate, a one-legged drummer, an amazing artist with an ecological bent, or a 94-year-old author

But nothing says you can’t have professional web content for your website that casts you as a star or makes your upcoming event tantalizing. If you’d like, your web content can read just like what you would find in a major publication.

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       Anne Kniggendorf