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Articles and Book Reviews:


"At an Army Base in Kansas, There's a Secret Collection of Incredible Finds"

"Even When He Was in His 20s, Winston Churchill Was Already on the Verge of Greatness"

Glasgow Review of Books (Scotland): "A Conversation with Margot Livesey, Author of 'Mercury'"

Chicago Review of Books:

"Long Before WWII, Winston Churchill Was One Badass 24-Year-Old"

"The Horrors of the Iraq War Run Backward in ‘The Good Lieutenant'"

"In 'Mercury,' Margot Livesey Takes Our Collective Temperature"

"'Ongoingness' Teaches How to Live More by Writing Less"

Los Angeles Review of Books: "Blowing Up Rusty War Tropes and Bolstering the Female Combatant: A Conversation with Whitney Terrell"

The Saturday Evening Post: "Jar Roses"

The Punch Magazine (India): "Prajwal Parajuly Takes Roads Less Travelled"

Ploughshares: "Review: TALES OF TWO AMERICAS edited by John Freeman"


Excerpts from my manuscript, Basic:

Electric Literature: "Gracie Allen and John Denver in Boot Camp"

KCUR 89.3: "Navy Recruit Anne Kniggendorf Has A Tense Encounter On Night Watch"

Combat & Classics Podcast: My special guest appearance during which Brian Wilson and I  attempt to tease out the connection between the liberal arts and military service--one of the themes of Basic. Please listen and tell me if you have any ideas.


Public radio audio pieces for KCUR 89.3:

Interview with author Whitney Terrell 9/8/17

Interview with essayist Andrew Johnson 10/6/17

Interview with investigative journalist Carey Gillam 11/3/17

Interview with writer Dr. Elizabeth Schultz 12/8/17

Interview with novelist Laura Moriarty 1/26/18

Interview with poet Dr. Brian Daldorph 2/23/18

Interview with veteran-poet H.C. Palmer 4/6/18

Interview with poet Annette Billings 4/20/18

"Kansas City's Heartland Men's Chorus Reimagines Identities of Unknown Soldiers" 6/8/18

"At new Events in Kansas City, Music and Movies Make New Memories for People with Dementia" 6/22/2018

"Fringe Festival Show Brings to Life Forgotten Story of Kansas City's Philharmonic" 7/22/2018


Brand Journalism:

Drink Me Magazine:  "Rieger & Co. Makes a Whiskey Like No Other"

Rias Baixas Website: "Making a Case for Winter Whites"


Special Projects:

Coverage of VML's 25th Anniversary Sterling Sessions

Four-part series of highlights from the Sterling Sessions:

I : Unanimous AI, How Humans Will Beat the Machines

II: God-is Rivera, The Power of Advertising Places New Archetypes within Reach

III: Not Impossible Labs, Standing up to the Absurd One Story at a Time

IV: Revitalizing a City: Driving Connection Through Song


Samples of Alumni Profiles for St. John's College:

"Alumna Works to Help Vets Overcome Trauma"

"Investing in the Future"

"Nontraditional Path to Science Career"

"Bound by Math"

"Six Decades of Love and Support"

"A Trifecta of Giving"

"Addressing the Mind-Body Connection"

For a complete list, visit St. John's College news


Samples of My SEO Blog Posts for the HOTH:

Fatty Liver Guide: "Planning Your Fatty Liver Diet Plan"

Netgear: "The Best WiFi Extenders from Netgear You Need to Know About"

Win With Midas: "The Importance of Responsive Web Development and Design"

Roma Designer Jewelry: "Why You Need a Sterling Silver Pendant"

Edoxx Engineering: "What You Should Know about As-Built Drawings"